Shell Scripting Basics For Newbies!

Before you get started with Shell Scripting, there are some basics that you should know.
If you’re into Linux, the term Shell Scripting would be very familiar to you. However, if you’re a newbie looking to make strides here, the term might be a little confusing to you. While, it’s not very difficult to learn and grasp this awesome resource, beginners…

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Interesting Infographics for Linux Enthusiasts & Lovers

Interesting Infographics for Linux Enthusiasts & Lovers
Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, and are easy to understand. Infographics are sources of interesting information, when you are in need of some. Reading boring, long, colorless articles isn’t so attractive and interesting than reading and viewing…

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An infographic on the history of Linux.
A greeting
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The Red Hat certification program is a way to validate skills based on rigorous, hands-on testing. To earn a Red Hat certification, you must pass a hands-on, practical exam in which you complete real-world tasks using our technologies rather than just being asked questions about the technology. Enterprises have greatly benefited from the Red Hat certification program by allowing them…

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Deploy a DNS Server in a Secure Way

[av_one_full first]BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is one of the more widely used DNS servers. This article guides readers on how to deploy a BIND DNS server in a secure way by implementing three features of BIND-Transaction Signature, Zone signing and Views.[/av_one_full]…

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20 reasons you should switch to Linux

The fact Linux is free remains its biggest draw, but there’s much more to it than that
There are hundreds of compelling reasons why Linux is better than all the rival operating systems. Here are just 20.

1. Linux is free

No matter how many computers you install it on, the cost of Linux remains the same: zero.

In these days of…

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Configuring VNC Server Access on a Redhat Linux

1. Introduction
Most of the time as a system administrator you are managing your servers over the network. It is very rare that you will need to have a physical access to any of your managed servers. In most cases all you need is to SSH remotely to do your administration tasks. In this article we will configure a GUI alternative…

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